Akufo-Addo’s Comment Was Only A Joke; No Offence Intended! – Nana Akomea

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, during his visit to the Volta District on Monday, October 16 to evaluate the effect of the Akosombo dam spillage and the circumstance of the people in question, mixed contention when he unpretentiously contributed that he had visited to feel for the casualties no matter what the way that the occupants don’t decide in favor of his party.

The President has consequently gone under extreme reactions over the remark he made while tending to the people in question.

“At the point when these things occur and government acts, legislative issues doesn’t come into the matter by any means. At the point when I made the Vow of Office as President, I made the vow as president for each and every person in Ghana, all individuals in Ghana, all regions and regardless of whether they decided in favor of me, whenever I have made the vow, I’m the Leader of the multitude of individuals so Togbe, I need individuals here, starting with you, and the seniors to comprehend that when something like this occurs and Government acts, Government is representing Ghanaians, all Ghanaians.

“I came here in light of the fact that Ghanaians are experiencing issues and are enduring, and it is my obligation to help out. Since, in the event that an issue of counting votes in favor of me and who doesn’t decide in favor of me, then I ought not be here, since you don’t decide in favor of me. In any case, that isn’t my anxiety. Furthermore, regardless, one day you will decide in favor of me and my party,” he told a portion of the casualties at Mepe in the Locale.

However the social event chuckled along with the President, he is anyway being sneered concerning certain individuals, the President picked a terrible time for his comment.

A few pundits feel he was unfeeling and others think he was taking advantage of the circumstance for his political increases.

Yet, Nana Akomea has approached Ghanaians to give the President a little room to breath.

As per him, what the President said was expected to free the awful circumstance from the people in question.

“..obviously the President was simply being on a lighter side. He was kidding and the social occasion, from their responses, they accepted it as a joke,” he said with regards to the President.

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