NPP Race: Constituency Chairmen In Ashanti Region Raise Early Red Flags Over Voting Centers

NPP supporters executives in the Ashanti district have appealed to their territorial director to mediate in the decision of casting a ballot communities in their impending flagbearership race.

Peruse the appeal beneath

From: The Supporters Executives of the New Energetic Party in the Ashanti Area

To: Mr. Bernard Antwi-Boasiako,
The Ashanti Provincial Director of the New Devoted Party

Dear Sir,

Request AGAINST THE Selection OF Scenes FOR THE Public Representatives Gathering

For the benefit of the electorate administrators in Ashanti, I compose this appeal in dissent to the report from the Official Races Board specifying the separate settings for the decisions during the November fourth Public Agents Meeting the nation over.

We find that choice profoundly unseemly and approach you, our prompt unrivaled in the party, and the other people who have a place with the more elite classes of our party, to mediate and have the Races Board rethink its choice, as it will make grave bothers to delegates.

That’s what we accept, after delegates travel extremely distant from their different networks and hinterlands to the democratic focuses, they ought to be facilitated at scenes guaranteed of solace. This is a representatives’ political decision and not a “public” political decision, and besides, we accept we reserve the privilege to demand estimates that would be to the greatest advantage of the different partners, especially the agents.

As body electorate directors in the Ashanti Area, we firmly think the provincial authority of the party has no hand in this choice; if not, we would have been counseled.

We track down it fairly lamentable for the Official Races Panel to have dismissed the perspectives on electorate administrators prior to settling on casting a ballot scenes in our particular supporters.

The body electorate directors in the Ashanti Locale right now beseech and request of you to mediate, have the choice of the races advisory group racked, and connect with administrators or voting public leaders. Inability to help out us might forecast sick results during the public representatives meeting, and the public secretary is to be accused.

We are relying on your collaboration.

Kind respects,

Dominic Bosompem

Odotobiri Director

The Leader of the Republic of Ghana
The Head of Staff
The Public Leaders Advisory group
The Ashanti Local Chiefs

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